Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Heading Home

It's a bit sad to be at the end of such a grand adventure. We are however looking forward to our family and friends and even Washington. Each of the areas we've visited have been such different experiences. First to blitz around Rome and pack in the main sites we had to include, then on the the Ahhh Cruise ship. We kept an extremely busy schedule but were taken care of all along the way and it was so nice to head back to our ship home and be pampered. We saw so many grand places in such a short amout of time and the cruise is the only way to accomplish that. It was a bit hard to get off the boat and haul all of our stuff around, much we didn't need any longer (dressy bits) and all the trinkets we bought along the way. We were just plain spoiled and a suggestion to any thinking about something like this, do it the other way around. We did get into the swing of things after a few days and enjoyed the different pace, one we set. We managed to plan out where to go and what to see all by ourselves. You may think thats a no-brainer but it's difficult after the cruise, as these people really have this down and make it so simple. We loved Italy, but were ready to leave. I couldn't look at another cold cut & cheese breakfast and finally had my fill of panini and pasta. London was a nice change. Great morning breakfasts, cooler temps and I could actually understand what was being said, however I hear lots of languages spoken all the time. We spent one day racing from attraction to attraction, then another at a more relaxed pace. Our hotel is in a very "posh" neighborhood or so our driver said. It' is very conveniently located and we were able to take the "tube" all over the city. For all you Food TV fans, we throughly enjoyed Jamie Oliver's restaurant, FIFTEEN. Everything was delicious and new to us. Last night we wandered the streets made famous by "Jack the Ripper". Unfortunately many of the buildings are no longer there but we stood on the places where the girls were murdered and saw horrific pictures of the bodies taken at the morgue - very disturbing. Time to head off the airport, we'll see ya soon.

Tom & Heidi


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